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We can build a custom case for you by either making slight changes to our stock products or by starting with your concept and engineering it to completion.  If you only require a slight change to our stock products, we can provide you with a custom case within a few days.  If your project is more involved and requires design efforts, prototypes, and prelaunch product testing, we will do our best to meet your time constraints. We`ve been doing just that for over 60 years.  Check out our image gallery for some examples and inspiration!

Customization options include:

  • Sizes:  Since our cases are cut from aluminum sheet, we can easily make a change to the dimensions of our stock model lines.  There are some equipment limitations we have to consider, but we can almost always meet your size requirements whether they are big or small.
  • Colors: Our solid aluminum construction can be purchased in any color you find on an RAL chart or a Pantone chart.  If you cannot determine the RAL or Pantone color yourself, simply send us the color you require and we will match it.  Mil-spec finishes are available to meet US military finishing specifications.
  • Finishes:  Our stock cases are provided with a standard mill finish which works well in industrial applications.  For a more professional look, many of our clients prefer we anodize, powdercoat, wet paint, or plate in a clear or color finish.  We also offer vinyl-coated or rigidized finishes if you require.  Powdercoated finishes are offered in glossy, matte, or textured finishes.  Military finishes to meet US military standards are available for any of our products.
  • Branding:  The most common customization for our cases is branding.  Since aluminum can easily be finished in any color, your case can promote your company colors.  Depending on the finish you select, we can provide screenprinted, stamped, or engraved logos.  Many of our clients opt for a custom nameplate or decal to promote their brand.  We can even serialize them.  In short, we will work together to provide the best branding solution for you.
  • OEM Case Programs. For many of our customers, the case we manufacture for them is actually the end product. Our cases are often used as a product kit, testing kit, or tool kit.  Quite often instruments, motor controls, testing, devices, and products are built directly into the case.  We even allow for battery packs or power ports so the user has everything in his hands. 
  • Custom Inserts: We offer all types of custom inserts to provide additional protection for your case contents.  Some examples include: foam blocking, foam lining, foam panels, fully engineered foam inserts to match the shape of your contents, metal dividers, metal shelves, documents holders, and fully engineered equipment chassis.  See our Case Options page for more details.
  • Custom Hardware:  We often replace our standard hardware choices for our customers.  The most common hardware change is adding wheels, casters, extendable handles, or recessed latches and handles.  Our transit and storage solutions often use stackable corners or ball corners.   If we don`t offer the hardware you want, we can source it for you.  See our Case Options page for more details.
  • Specialty Applications: Sometimes tough isn`t good enough and there is a requirement for higher strength aluminum  We can offer precision engineering and load analysis necessary in the design of a case or enclosure intended for unique duty. We also work with independent testing labs to insure that all your specifications and needs are met.  If you have an unusual application, let us know. Possibly we`ve been there before - even space!
  • Third Party Specifications. Cases manufactured to common military specifications, EMP protection, and/or air transportation requirements are also available.

In short, if you can dream it, we can make it for you.  It all starts with a simple phone call or email.  Put us on your case!