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Custom Case Options

AUCTION - The Aluminum Case Co. business has closed.  Hundreds of finished and in process aluminum cases along with all machinery & equipment will be auctioned off online September 12, 2019 through September 19, 2019.  Click the following link for detailed auction information.  CASES START AT LOT 166

The name “Aluminum Case Co.” and the domain are also for sale.  Inquiry at

Popular case options include:



The size of our cases is not limited by the physical size of any tool or die, which is often the situation with plastic cases and "drawn" metal cases.  Due to our unique production process, we can adapt easily to any length, width, or height you need.

Plus Sized Model 186
Resized C Style
ALBigBox Tool Chest
Resized A Style
ALBigBox Tool Chest
Custom OEM Case



Our stock cases are provided with a standard mill (satin) finish only.  We can anodize, powdercoat, or wet spray in a clear or color finish.  We also offer vinyl-coated or rigidized finishes if your application requires it.  Powdercoated finishes can be glossy, matte, or textured.  Military finishes (mil-spec) to meet US military standards are available for any of our products.  

Aluminum in a Satin (Mill) Finish
Aluminum in a Satin (Mill) Finish
Aluminum in a Clear Anodized Finish
Aluminum in a Clear Anodized Finish
Aluminum in a Color-Dyed Anodized Finish
Aluminum Grey Powedercoat
Aluminum in a Satin (Mill) Finish
Aluminum in With a Vinyl Finish
Aluminum in a Clear Anodized Finish
Blue Powedercoat
Aluminum in a Color-Dyed Anodized Finish
Rigidized Aluminum


Our solid aluminum cases can be painted in any color you find on an RAL chart or Pantone chart, or simply send us the color you require and we will match it for you.  Mil-spec finishes are available to meet US military finishing specifications.

Aluminum in a Satin (Mill) Finish
Yellow Powedercoat
Aluminum in a Clear Anodized Finish
Blue Powedercoat
Aluminum in a Color-Dyed Anodized Finish
Red Powdercoat


Branded Identity

Your company name / logo can be prominently displayed on the exterior or interior of your ACC case. Options include: Silk-screened or stamped artwork, aluminum nameplates with artwork adhesive-backed or riveted to the case, engraved or etched artwork, or high performance Mylar labels.  Serialized cases are also available.

Aluminum in a Satin (Mill) Finish
Etched Logo
Aluminum in a Clear Anodized Finish
Mylar Lable
Aluminum in a Color-Dyed Anodized Finish
Silk-Screened Logo



ACC cases are available in a number of interior configurations designed to meet your needs as well as your budget.

Foam Panel or Lining

Our most economical light or medium duty foam solution is removable 2.0# density charcoal open cell ester foam panels (1/2" to 1" in thickness) that provide a uniform appearance and excellent shock absorbency. These panels can be cut to fit the profile of your contents with a sharp knife. For heavy duty applications, we can either line or panel fill the case with 2.2# density closed cell charcoal PE foam (thickness ranges from 1/4" to 4").

Foam Blocking

Our most economical solution for heavy duty applications is foam blocking made from 2.2# density closed cell PE foam.  Our case experts examine the intended interior layout of your case and design a grid of precisely located foam blocks to accommodate the payload. The result is a partial-perimeter cavity that houses your contents securely.  If you prefer full protection, opt for our foam lining or panels.

Semi-Custom Foam Interior

Our case experts can also design a basic shape foam interior for your contents that gives you the finished look and protection you desire.  With basic shapes instead of full custom ones, you have the flexibility to use the same case for several products.  Various types of foam are used based on your specific needs.

Custom Foam Interior (OEM Quality)

Most of our clients prefer us to provide a foam insert that matches the exact profile of the case contents. Foam type, color and properties are selected on a payload-by-payload basis with insets produced using a wet jet or die cut process.Various types of foam are used based on your specifications and needs.

Interior Pallets

Stock briefcase and tool case pallets are available, as well as interior pallets custom designed to meet your requirements.

Specialty Applications

ACC interior options extend far beyond those typically found in an off-the-shelf carrying case. Over the years, we have designed unique case interiors for countless customers, such as:

  • Partitions
  • Compartments (with or without locks)
  • Dashboards (for mounting of controls)
  • Interior Racking
  • Access Ports / Cable Connector Holes
  • Case-Within-A-Case Designs

Wheels / Casters

We offer a wide selection of wheel options ranging from 3 1/2" wheels for conventional use (i.e. exhibition centers and airports.) to larger diameter wheels required for more rugged terrain.  If the case is of sufficient length (36"), the end carrying handle is all that is needed to effortlessly maneuver your ACC case. For smaller lengths, we offer a variety of telescoping handles.

 Wheels  -  Normal & Rugged Use
ALBigBox Tool Chest Optional Caster Kit
ALBigBox Tool Chest Optional Caster Kit
ALBigBOX Tool Chest Optional Caster Kit
(factory or field installed / removable / includes stiffener plate)
Wheels w/ Telescoping Handle
Wheels w/ Telescoping Handle 

Wheels w/ Telescoping Handle


Hardware used on our stock cases is carefully selected to match the size of the case and the weight of the contents. Popular hardware options on our cases include:

  • Tubular Steel Handles
  • Aluminum or Steel Handles w/ 90° stops
  • Spring Loaded Handles
  • Recessed Handles
  • Continuous Hinges
  • Stop Hinges
  • Take-a-Part Hinges
  • Plastic Bumpers
  • Rubber Bumpers
  • Pressure Relief Valves
  • Forklift Channels
  • Aluminum Glides (feet)
  • Stacking Hardware
  • Shoulder Strap Provisions
  • Shoulder Straps
  • Twist Latches
  • Padlock Hasps
  • Provisions for Security Seals
  • Ground & Polished Welded Seams
    (powder coated & paint sprayed cases)
  • Stainless Steel Hardware (marine use)
  • Internal or External Ribbing

As you view our case photos, if you notice case hardware that you prefer, simply let us know. Possibly it can be used on the case of your choice. Alternative and/or additional case hardware is available at an additional charge.