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Aluminum Case Applications

AUCTION - The Aluminum Case Co. business has closed.  Hundreds of finished and in process aluminum cases along with all machinery & equipment will be auctioned off online September 12, 2019 through September 19, 2019.  Click the following link for detailed auction information.


The name “Aluminum Case Co.” and the domain are also for sale.  Inquiry at


Letter Uses and/or Items Stored, Carried, or Shipped
A Ammunition, Art Supplies, Architectural Models, Antiques, Amplifiers, Artwork, Ancestor’s Photos
B Beauty Supplies, Boating Equipment,Brooches & Other Jewelry, Building Blocks,Balls, Beach equipment
C Cameras, Camera Equipment, Camping Gear, Computers, Computer Peripherals,CDs, Cash
D Doll Collection, Drilling equipment, Downhole Tools, Daggers, DVDs
E Electrical Equipment, Ejection Seats for airplanes
F Filtering Equipment, Fixtures, Farraday Cages, Feather Boas, Fancy Dresses
G Guns, Gauges, Games, Gardening Supplies & Tools
H Helicopter Emergency Equipment, Hand Tools, Hoses, Household Cleaners, Harmonicas
I Installation kits, Imports, Instruction manuals, Important Papers
J J Tent, Janitorial equipment, Jacks, Jukeboxes, Junk
K Kits for all kinds of things, Knife collection
L LCD screens, Liquor samples, Laptops, Lighting samples, Legos
M Musical Instruments, Musician’s equipment, Movie Props, Magician’s equipment, Mannequins
N Notebooks, Night vision goggles
O Oil rig equipment, Ornaments, Oscilloscopies
P Portraits, Photographs, Portable printers, Plasma screens, Picnic supplies
Q Quilt collection, Quivers
R Radio-controlled aircraft, Railroad emergency equipment, Rifles
S Samples, Satellites, Sales Demo, Slot machines, Shot glass collection, Sports equipment, Shoes
T Toys, Tile Samples, Telephones, Telescopes
U US military equipment, Uniforms, Upholstery supplies
V Ventilation equipment, Valuables, Ventriloquist Dummies
W Wind measuring kit, Watch collection, Winter sports equipment, Washboard, Wills
X X-ray equipment, Xylophones, X-Boxes
Y Yoyo collections, Yachting equipment
Z Zone alarm kit, Zydeco instruments